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Aeromyth logo grey with blur.jpg
Aeromyth logo grey with blur.jpg


Formed in 2007 and hailed worldwide as, “The Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute Experience.” AEROMYTH has achieved a level of success and notoriety nearly unheard of in the Tribute community.

Paying their dues and honing their craft for well over a decade, the band has performed countless shows. Touring internationally with venue’s ranging in size from clubs and theaters straight up to Dodger Stadium,

they have defined themselves through a combination of stellar live performance re-creations, uncanny physical likeness and unparalleled musicianship. The bands only objective is very simply.

“The suspension of disbelief while remaining true to the undeniable spirit of America’s greatest Rock band”.

Press and accolades: A brief timeline with photos.
2007 Neal Shelton and Chris VanDahl join forces and the foundation for Aeromyth is laid.
Image 2.jpeg
Steven Tyler & Chris VanDahl
Tyler VanDahl copy.jpg
Brad Whitford & Neal Shelton 
Neal 4 website.jpg
In 2010 The band takes top honors at the Las Vegas Music Awards.
On the carpet excepting award with Lita Ford
VRMA Dee Schnider.jpg
Awards shoot with Glen Hughes and Dee Schneider
2010 Former Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo joins the band on stage for a sold out performance at the Las Vegas Hilton
The band is invited to appear live, performing an acoustic set on Good Day LA.
Image 3.jpeg
2011 Former Sea Hags, Arcade, John Waite guitarist “Frankie (Joe) Wilsey” joins the band taking the Experience to a whole new level.
Frankie for website.jpg
Joe Perry & Frankie (Joe) Wilsey
Frankie & Joe.jpg
VanDahl & Wilsey as Tyler & Perry
Invited to perform at NASCAR
Image 4.jpeg
Front page Orange County Register
Image 5.jpeg
OC Register.jpg
Two times front cover Las Vegas magazine. The issue was so popular it went through three reprints
LVM Cover 2.jpg
Image 2.png
Invited backstage by Steven Tyler
Invited to New Year’s Eve gala in Maui. VanDahl/Tyler
Regis and Kelly
TS Regis.jpg
Backstage greenroom with the members of Twisted Sister waiting to go on.
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Between the years of 2008-14 the band headlines the infamous New Year’s eve party on Fremont Street in Las Vegas Smashing the previous record with over 35,000 people in attendance. 
Freemont 1.jpg
Freemont 2.jpg
2013 Snow, Hurricane bassist Tony Cavazo is recruited into the fold.
Tony 1.jpg
Tony Cavazo & Tom Hamilton
Cavazo Hamilton.jpg
Gibson guitars ranks Aeromyth among the top 10 tribute bands in the world
Gibson top 10.jpg
Winner: Best of Vegas...
Best Of Vegas.jpg
Having performed around the world as Steven Tyler with Legends In Concert, Chris VanDahl signs on for an eight month residency at the Flamingo helping to secure Best of Las Vegas 2015.
2015 Once again finds VanDahl on the front cover of LVM
LVM 3.jpg
2015 Robin Leach declares performance outstanding.
Robin Leach.jpg

Robin Leach Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous/Las Vegas Sun

After attending a performance for review, Robin Leach declared VanDahl‘s re-creation of Steven Tyler mesmerizing. Leech stated that the likeness was uncanny, the costuming flawless and the performance spot on.

2015 VanDahl does cameo appearance in friend, Olivia Newton John and daughter Chloe Lattanzi’s remake of “You Have To Believe” 

The song makes history by climbing to number one on the Billboard charts.

Olivia & Chris.jpg

Steven Tyler interview iHeartRadio. When questioned about his feeling on tribute artists, Steven gave this candid endorsement.

Steven iheart endorsment.jpg
Aerosmith founding member and original guitarist Raymond Tabano joins Aeromyth on stage for the first of many performances together and what would grow into a close and long-term friendship.
Tabano 2.jpg
tabano n I 1.jpg
2016 The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna
Chris VanDahl is invited to appear on the special Las Vegas episode of The Today Show
2017 Joey Grillo joins up. After doing some fill in work in 2017, multi-instrumentalist and drummer extraordinaire, Joe Grillo becomes a permanent member.
Grillo 1.jpg
Joey Kramer & Joey Grillo
Kramer Grillo.jpg
2018 During a two month residency inside the Dance hall theater at Canobie Lake Park New Hampshire Aeromyth gives an astounding 120 performances.
Annie Perry (Joe’s sister) joins band on stage
Image 6.jpeg
Annie Perry in front of the Dancehall Theatre we’re Aerosmith performed in the early years.
Image 7.jpeg
Annie Perry and Frankie Wilsey Aeromyth’s (Joe Perry) backstage dressing room before the show.
Frankie & Annie.jpg
VanDahl Billboard (The Flamingo) Las Vegas Strip
Flamingo Billboard.jpg
VanDahl & Perry Viper Room LA. Whitford & VanDahl (backstage)MGM Grand
Whitford VanDahl.jpg
2018 With the Original AEROSMITHSONIAN'S Lake Sunapee.
2019 & Beyond...
While AEROMYTH continue to tour, spreading the gospel of Aerosmith to multiple generations of fans (old & new) around the world, the foundation is being laid  for a semi-permanent (Broadway style) production show that tell's the bands incredible story.
Through a combination of historically accurate performance recreations, backscreen storyboards with video and live interactive narration, we intend to give the show-goer the truly unique perspective of those who were actually there as the events unfolded.
Prepare to take a Journey through the lives and history of the members of Aerosmith, in a way never before seen or imagined...
Interested parties:
Please contact band Management for further details.
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